…a spinn-off from raumwiese

Sapiens in all times and cultures loved to decorate their bodies. So they do in their digital life’s. For that I want to be one of the first AR jewellers/goldsmiths.

I make custom designs for clients but also have a shop. Like a real Jeweller.

How to cater my clients needs?  

They can be exotic and NSFW.

There is a vast amount of apps and (AR-face)-filters in social apps for that on the market.

They all have in common that they are distributed either through an App Store or through a plugIn architecture within a social app.

To use one of these distribution channels as an artist/creator I have to comply with their policies and there is always the risk of censorship around. (walled garden)

To avoid that I created ARCCESSORIES.com

Augmented Reality ARccessories for the use in your digital life.

– Based on the open source format .UDSZ/.REALITY 

Invented by Pixar, backed by Apple and Adobe  >>Info_Link 

A single file can contain whole Virtual/Augmented worlds.

  • no app needed
  • no app-store needed
  • works “out of the box” on iOS 13 devices(AR quickLook)